A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Melbourne who is fast becoming one of Australia's most exciting new artists in the electronic indie pop space.

Writing poetry long before she could play a guitar or

write a song on piano, Gemma has always been a writer at heart.

With a penchant for wistful and bittersweet lyrics, she now has over 50 original songs in her armoury.

Earning her performance wings playing keys and guitar in Melbourne rock band Fahrenheit 43 and for West Australian folk singer-songwriter and environmental activist Zoe Ryan, Gemma now performs her own stories under the moniker that was chosen as a subtle nod to Peter Pan's Wendy Darling - a character to which Gemma can relate after having to grow up quickly. 

Taking influence from a wide range of genres including pop punk, EDM and film scores, Gemma cites Danny Elfman, 80’s pop and 90’s rock, Andrew McMahon and Taylor Swift as some of her biggest songwriting influences. The resulting sonic melting pot sees Gemma’s sound reminiscent of early Lorde, The Naked & Famous and post-RED Taylor Swift. 

Gemma’s wistful lyrics are a stand out, as is her ability to partner melancholic sentiments seamlessly with uplifting instrumental components. Her breathy vocals are sweetly innocent, but they belie an inner angst and private pain to which only the lost children could relate.

Alongside her songwriting, Gemma has worked for the last three years in sustainability across various projects in recycling, plastic waste reduction and carbon offsetting. These experiences were a major source of inspiration for her environmental protection anthem ‘Build A Home’ which was recorded with Melbourne electronic producer Luis Kennett a.k.a Luboku. 'Build A Home' is scheduled for release in 2020.

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